Developing ISO 9001:2000 Implementation Program


28 Oct 2009

Planning is a bridge between our current and future condition. By Having planning, Management can coordinate efforts, preparing changes, and managing development.

A good planning implicates arts on simplifying complex things so that everything can be possible. Mostly ISO 9001:2000 implementation considered complicated by units at Binus Group, and at other education institution who want to implement ISO 9001:2000 Management System. This article hopefully could give useful information.

2. ISO 9000 QMS Implementation Step
ISO 9000 implementation steps are not something that can last only for 1 or 2 months, but it can last about 7 - 12 months.

2.1. Preparation Step
The first step that company should do in order to implement ISO 9000 is to get top management's commitment. After that, the management should assign how the implementation scope. If the implementation wants to continue up to the ISO certification, time and cost will affect the process that is applied.

If a university does not have capable human resources to compose quality system document, It will be better to consider to have consultant. There are other reasons why consultant is needed:

  1. An experienced consultant can become a tutor on transferring "know-how" effectively and can give an accurate recommendation on ISO 9000 implementation
  2. Consultant has independence position who can possible to give some objective feedbacks to the top management.
  3. Internal resource sometimes cannot leave their routine tasks in organization, so that the project schedule may become late.
There are things to be considered when choosing a consultant:
  1. Has competency in ISO 9000
  2. Has experience on the same industry
  3. Services that is offered by consultant (Either briefing, training or just consultation)
  4. Has ability to achieve our targeted time.
  5. A good consultant is a consultant who guides you to become independent so that you don't depend on them forever.

Another thing to be considered on planning step is cost. It is quite difficult to estimate the cost accurately. Executing the program according to the schedule can help us to reduce expenses. Factors that affected the cost are consultation service & service types that are offered, training quality, document composing, internal quality audit administration, certification organization that you had chosen (if want to get ISO 9001 certification).

Other preparation needed is human resource.Organization should establish a team who has task to prepare everything that needed for ISO 9000 implementation. It is better to have established teams who are appointed from some work fields and provided with enough training. The team member can be vary depend on implementation scope. The team may consist of 10 - 30 people.

Besides the team member, all personal from top management to frontlines should have introduction session about this quality system in order to have a success implementation program.

In addition, the preparation should be needed are infrastructures. There are some possibilities to add room in order to save the documents or data analyst.

2.2. Documentation Step
Documentation step is the longest step and takes most of the time, especially to compose quality manual, system procedure (mostly is called Standard Operating Procedure), work instruction, and other documents. Before the teams begin to write something, they need a training about how to write quality system documents. With that knowledge, the team could begin to collect data, that the process is included in ISO scope and how the process documentation completeness compared with ISO standard.

Documentation of quality system begins from quality manual writing until form. As soon as the quality policy is established, the policy must be socialized to all personnel of the university. It is better if each SOPs were prepared by a person, who is directly in charge in the process.

2.3. Implementation and Evaluation Step
After quality documentation system has made, the next step is to apply it on personnel daily activities. In order not to be mixed around, the SOPs should be socialized to each personnel through head of departments, before it is implemented.

The important thing is that quality cannot be inspected only from the end product, but it also must be developed correctly from the beginning of the process.

This quality system implementation needs to be evaluated periodically to get it revised for the system perfectness. This execution must be held to all departments with no exception. This evaluation can be done by internal auditors who has been trained about internal audit or by each unit itself. The evaluation will be reported openly on management review meeting.

2.4. Revision and Perfection Step
The evaluation results that have been made during quality system implementation will always become inputs for revision and preventive action. This step should be done continuously during ISO system implementation.

2.5. Certification Step
This step begins by choosing certification institution with the help from the consultant. After that, it continued by sending documents (consists of quality manual and quality system procedures) to have preliminary checking. If it passes the checking, there will be field assessment by the assessors. The assessors will send the schedule. From this assessment, certification institution will decide whether the audited organization is worth or not to be recommended to get ISO 9001 certificate, which indicates that the implemented quality management system has been approved by the certification institution and appropriate with ISO 9001 quality system management standard.

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